Interim Project Management

with a passion for work- and organizational processes, quality management and beautifully designed documents


Are you ready to take your company to a higher level and add structure to your company and could you use a pair of extra eyes and hands?


In my role as a freelance or interim project manager, I am responsible for leading various projects, aimed at achieving a structured end result. This means that I work on improving and implementing processes, procedures and (quality) systems. I am also involved in organizing and carrying out backoffice tasks and creative projects. And I often come up with creative, not always obvious, solutions and ideas that save you time and costs.


Feel free to contact me for an introduction. 

How can I help?

Because working in a very structured way is what makes me tick, I made 2 shortlists of activities that I can take out of your hands. If you have a project that is not listed here or a task that has been on your To Do list your years, let me know and I may be able to help you with it.

A short Introduction

Once, a long long time ago, I started as a Desk Top Publish in Graphic Design. After a Management Support Course, I switched to organizational supporting and coordinating roles about 20 years ago. In 2021 I choose to work as a freelancer/interim professional. I work in the Netherlands in interim roles and as a remote freelancer from Kenya, this mix keeps me balanced which makes me able to focus even better on my work! 

I am an enthusiastic, result-oriented lady with the passion to support entrepreneurs with their business operations. With my positive and proactive energy and extensive experience in project management, secretarial and administrative work and graphic design, I am a reliable, seasoned support professional. Structuring, communicating, organizing and drawing up, documenting and implementing various (work) processesis are my strenghts.


Both socially and professionally, I appreciate it when people see the value of others. Since 2013 I have been working with streetboys in Kenya and since 2015 as a volunteer with refugees in the Netherlands. Making others stronger is my passion. Who else am I? Bare feet on the African continent, enjoying the music, culture, nature and people with their beautiful smiles on their faces! But also the open and structured 'hands on' mentality in the Netherlands . 


Me and my Kenyan husband live between the Indian Ocean and Arabuko Forest in Kenya, and we love to make you fall in love with Kenya via our Instagram account, so feel free tot follow us!